Accelerating Partners

Game development is challenging. From inception to proof-of-concept, to the long march into production and beyond, the stakes are for independent developers and large scale publishers alike. In the modern landscape of continuous launches and seasonal releases, teams must gain momentum fast. Streamline Games steps in to support your team with design, engineering, submission and localisation support. If this were a video game, we’d be Player Two, ready to step in. We accelerate development & design so your team can focus on the essential.

Honed over years in the service industry, we are exposed to countless trends and technologies. We have supported high stakes launches such as Square Enix’ Final Fantasy XV, or assisted indie studios with porting & submissions, like Henchman&Goon’s PODE. Large scale and high stakes or deep design and submission support. Our team is versatile and creative.


We have partnered with Square Enix on a variety of projects built around the Final Fantasy brand, and have partnered with SONY in China for CHINA HERO PROJECT (below).


Upcoming Titles (2019)

We currently have several titles in development at the studio. Three are slated for release in 2019 so stay tuned for the official announcements!


Our team has a self-starting and problem solving culture. We consider everyone in the team gets to
be a designer.


Open Development

Making games should be as open and transparent as possible. Flat teams, fast-moving projects and flexible roles lead to creative movement.

For our partners that means working with a dynamic team that plugs directly into your creative process. Trello boards and Perforce access and we’re good to go.

For our internal game teams it means working with our other departments of 100+ artists and animators to push prototype code into testable experiences at breakneck speed. We test, we iterate, we discuss - and every voice matters. But you must speak up and contribute.

Our producers and leads are from a diverse background and are quickly promoted to take responsibility for teams and creative decisions. Careers move fast because the industry does, too.

We strive for open development on our own games and regularly hold public play tests in Kuala Lumpur. We also love to find and develop unusual talent. What you need to succeed in game development is grit, commitment and team spirit. So don’t be afraid to apply even if it’s your first sting in gamedev!

Internships are available for 6 months and all teams are employed, no freelancing contracts. We want you part of the team!


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